Our mission ? Combining the values ​​and culture of sport with a line of Fun, unique and responsible clothing & accessories!

The LEMON T range of clothing, luggage and accessories will accompany you both during your training sessions and during all your  daily activities with friends, family or at work.

It’s up to you to choose whether you’ll put on your ” SPORT ALL YEAR ” t-shirt  to go to the office or to go to your cross-fit session , or if you’ll fill your ” DUFFEL  ” bag to go on the weekend , or for your weekly tennis lessons.

1 common thread in our approach: Bringing together men, women and children from all over the world around their common passion for sport.

Strong commitments around French know-how , responsible commitment , unique event products and to make you live an unforgettable experience !

Without forgetting a ZEST of humor and Fun !



We have chosen to build the LEMON T brand with partners based closest to us, in Aix-en-Provence.

This is a particularly difficult challenge to take up in the textile and accessories sector, when you choose to engage in a responsible approach and when you strive to develop quality products at reasonable prices .

We are therefore proud to weave our socks in Aube , to offer you Swedish caps and hats , to make and sew our patches and crests in Bordeaux , to use Nantes packaging , or to concoct our tea in the Paris region. !

But there are only products…

Flo and Julie our graphic designers, Loïc our web expert, Julien our printer, Marina the seamstress or Colina & Valentin our photographer and videographer, are all examples of French know-how.


A brand that lives to the rhythm of major sporting events !

LEMON T is a brand created by sports fans, for men, women and children of all ages , who want to share the joy and pleasure that sport gives them on a daily basis.

It is therefore quite natural that the designers and graphic artists of LEMON T work throughout the year on event-driven, original and limited-edition ” capsule collections “, which will feature your favorite sports !

Fifa World Cup, Grand Slams, Ryder Cup, Tour de France, NBA Finals, Rugby world cup, Super Bowl… We have already ticked a few!

Stay tuned!



We do and will do everything possible to develop LEMON T with a sincere and ambitious social and environmental conscience. 

We are already soliciting a large number of local partners (See the ” Know-how ” section) and are also applying a series of good practices promoting responsible development:

  •  Exclusive use of Organic Cotton & Recycled Polyester
  • Partnerships with CSR labeled suppliers
  • A “ Just in Time Work  ” production system (We only manufacture what we sell!)
  • Organic silk paper to replace plastic
  • 50% recycled and 100% recyclable boxes
  •  A policy directed towards design, innovation and professional well-being . A strong desire to limit our material investments as much as possible , by relying on existing production, storage and logistics structures.


Authentic marketing in search of added value


LEMON T is constantly trying to understand and adapt to your needs, your desires and your consumption habits.


Our goal : To offer you an efficient and personalized shopping experience , both on our digital platforms and when we have the pleasure of welcoming you to our stands, or in our Pop Up Stores , in France and abroad!

Our ideal : To build a #lemonTeam , made up of all those who share our culture of sport, fashion and our responsible commitment!


Join the movement and stay connected for lots of new info and surprises to come!


Share and have fun but don’t forget to win !

Latest sports results

Paul VS Jean Manuel

Petanque : 13/4 – 13/6

Ping-Pong : 21/11 – 21/16

Molkky : 1/2

Tennis : 6/4 – 3/6 – 6/7