Low cut Lemon socks


Fun and super soft low cut socks, made in France.

  • Low cut socks
  • Designed by Julie in Aix en Provence (France)
  • Ultra soft touch
  • Composition: 69% cotton / 26% polyester / 5% elastane
  • Wrapped with silk paper, made in France
  • Transported in 100% recycled and recyclable French packaging


  • Separate heavily soiled and stained clothes and if possible wash them separately.
  • Sort colors. You can make 3 stacks: Dark (Black / Dark Grey) – Colors – White.



  • Choose washing at low temperature (maximum 30°). This extends the life of the fibers of organic cotton. This prevents any fading, shrinkage, and unnecessary wear of the fabric.
  • Opt for a short cycle (30 to 45 minutes). It’s economical and it preserves the fibers of the fabric !
  • Prefer powder detergents ! Their superiority is very clear in terms of efficiency over liquid detergents, and even over capsules.
  • Ideally, use our GUPPY FRIEND bag, to protect the fabric of your socks. The Guppy Friend bag will also reduce the amount of synthetic microfibers released by washing all your other polyester sports gear !



  • No dryer !
  • Dry your LEMOT socks in the open air: Ideally on a drying rack. This is the simplest way and it will avoid creasing them.
  • Avoid drying it in the sun. Prefers a shady, cool and well-ventilated area. The sun may fade the color of your socks and make the cotton fabric rough.



  • Iron inside out and at medium temperature. Max 120/130°C!


There you go ! All you have to do now is wear your LEMONT T socks !

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