The concept

We wanted a product associated to sport and to our values : an energetic and fresh lime, with multiple properties, and real health benefits.

We therefore naturally contacted “Le beau Thé“, a French company specializing in the manufacture of tea bags and infusions, that strives for excellence ! 

We have selected “Coup de Fouet”, symbolized by a Tiger. It evokes the strength, energy and power of the recipe. An explosion of flavors !

The ingredients

Yunnan Green tea from China, Golden Yunnan OP black tea, Assam black tea from South India, lemongrass, orange peel, lemon peel, acerola, guarana.

Need a boost ? Just infuse and enjoy “Coup de fouet” !

Le Beau Thé

“Le Beau Thé” halfway between delicatessen and art .

Both through the selection of plants and manufacturing method, this artisanal proposal is a rich, surprising and delicate experience.

Le Beau Thé is definitely committed to the planet:

.100% made in France
. No plastic

What is it ?

1 – An organic muslin tea bag coming from organic farming 

2 A bag over-wrapped in a beautiful paper, sewn by hand.